DTF is a revolutionary new printing technique that’s more affordable and accessible compared to DTG, screen printing, or laser white toner transfers. Our printers print direct to a special film which can then be pressed on different items such as garment of different materials, shirts, hoodies, shoes, bags, hats and stubby holders.

Our attention to detail is second to none and we always strive to supply the customer with prints of the highest quality.

The DTF printers we are running are converted inkjet printers which are regularly serviced and maintained to the highest of standards.


The most important thing to remember when ordering is that the colour profile of your image must be in CMYK. Digital art is made in RGB because that is what the computer screens display. If it is in RGB we will convert it to CMYK before it is printed, but it may not look like you are expecting.


Here is the difference between RGB and CMYK 

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